About Us

Who we are

The JK Foundation has been established with the goal of enriching regional communities. We do this is by providing youth with the opportunity to realise their potential via improved access to sporting, education, health and wellbeing resources and by providing a pathway towards a successful and fulfilling future.

Our dream

To provide regional youth with the resources, connections, mentors, well-being programs and education they need to flourish and pursue their goals. We long to see young people in regional WA experience well-being, opportunity and flourishing and that distance from Perth, social disadvantage and money are not a barrier to this.

Why we exist

The JK Foundation exists to create an environment in which pursuing one’s goals isn’t restricted by factors such as geography, health, education or finance. 

We do this work through three pillars:


We believe that everyone has the right to feel like they belong and can fully reach their goals. We aim to create a safe space for all young people and their families to explore, learn and become their best selves. All staff and volunteers receive training and support to ensure they understand the challenges and strengths of young people whilst having a cultural awareness of the communities that we support.


We believe that young people should be at the core of what we do. We ensure that before we do anything that we engage and collaborate with young people and the community to better understand the value they see in prospective programming regardless if they are a participant, staff, partner organisation or volunteer. This enables us to create programming that is relevant and provides appropriate guidance for young people to be the best that they can be.


We believe in making partnerships with organisations that want to build the capacity of young people in regional areas. We aim to partner with organisations that either have the desire to provide quality services to the regions or partner with existing organisations to add value to the work they are doing. We work alongside partner organisations to not just build the capacity and knowledge of young people, but to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles, boost employment in the region and strengthen community connectedness.