What we do

Support regional young people to pursue sporting pathways

Engagement, well-being and community development through sport

Well-being and resilience programs for young people in community and schools

Make existing resources and programs available in the regions

Partnerships and capacity building



JK Sports Assistance Program

The JK Foundation’s Sport Assistance Program’s aim is to reduce the barriers experienced by regional young people in pursuing pathways in sport. This can come in the form of assisting with travel costs, coaching and mentoring or assisting with other financial barriers that regional young people experience in engaging in sport. Assistance ranges from contributions towards regional representative opportunities, fuel and travel assistance and ongoing scholarships with mentoring and coaching. Apply here.

JK Rock Solid

Rock Solid is a workshop program that builds resilience and well-being and equipe young people with the underlying character to face life's ups and downs. Focused of Performance Character, Emotional Character and Social Character, participants grow as people and in their leadership. JK Rock Solid runs in schools, sporting clubs and other community settings and keep your eye out for JK Rock Solid Camps in 2024! 

JK Summer Football Program

The JK Foundation has partnered with local people in the set up of a summer footy program. Skills, fitness and connection are the focus in preparation for a big preseason!