Trevor Farrell and Elijah Bellottie

Published on Friday, 10 February 2023 at 11:32:53 AM

Trevor Farrell (Spalding), Elijah Bellottie (Wandina)

Trevor and Elijah, play basketball in the Geraldton Amateur Basketball Association. They have both been selected as a part of the Southern Cross Challenge which identifies young people across the state that excel in Basketball and have the potential to play in state representative teams. This program enables them to train and learn more about the sport alongside the state’s best players, coaches and support staff.

Their stories are like many young people in the Mid West region. To access training sessions for state team and high-performance programs they must frequently travel to and from Perth several times a year. This can result in some young people and their families travelling over 3000kms just for training, let alone games and other team requirements.

This constant travel can cause a tremendous strain on finances, family commitments and takes them away from school for several days at a time. When accounting for all of this, it means that the young person is unable to perform at their best and can be a step behind or even miss opportunities that other young people in metropolitan regions have at their doorstep.

The Josh Kennedy Foundation through the Sports Scholarship Program aims to support young people in the Mid West by giving them the resources, tools and guidance to reach their full potential. For Trevor and Elijah, the Foundation supports them to travel to and from Perth for their training sessions.

 The Foundation aims to create an environment in which pursuing one’s goals is not restricted by factors such as geography, health, education or finance. The Foundation would like to thank its partners in helping us fulfill this vision for Trevor, Eliijah and many young people to come.

trevor and elijah


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