Lucia Richardson

Published on Friday, 10 February 2023 at 11:38:47 AM

Lucia is a highly talented Yamaji acrobat and dancer that lives in Geraldton. Her hard work and commitment to her craft over many years has resulted Lucia being invited to be a part of the National “Flying Fruit Flies” Youth Circus in 2023.  She will be the first Yamaji young person to be given the opportunity to showcase her Circus skills on the national level that the National Youth Circus provides.

As a part of the National Youth Circus, Lucia will be with a host family while she continues her studies. The Flying Fruit Flies will give Lucia access to the countries’ best coaching, facilities and guidance to help her reach her highest potential. On graduating from school, her long-term dream is to attend the National Institution of Circus Arts (NICA) and be a part of an international circus ensemble such as Cirque du Soleil.

Naturally gifted, Lucia has grown to a stage where she needs the best coaches and resources to enable her to reach her full potential, which has been recognised by being selected in the Flying Fruit Flies without an audition.

Like many young people in regional WA, talent is not normally enough to access these world class facilities. Lucia’s family is faced with the challenge of raising funds to get her to Perth for intensive trainings and is now required to fly to Albury, NSW where the National Youth Circus is located. To do this she will juggle the next twelve months where she will live, study, and train half her time with the team in Albury and the other half back home in Geraldton where she will continue to train on her own and with her local circus school Midwest Aerial and Acrobatic Studios (MAAS).

A highly motivated athlete, Lucia is someone who wants to share her love and knowledge for circus with her community. She currently volunteers at MAAS as a junior trainer to the young people in the community. Lucia also wishes to offer school holiday programs to the community to so the young people can learn and fall in love with circus like she has. Lucia will continue to share this passion with the community when she is back in Geraldton for her training.

Lucia Richardson’s personal dedication and ability deserves acknowledgement, recognition, and support. The JK Foundation is proud to be supporting Lucia in her journey. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for her professionally and personally.

Courtesy: Jackie Uhd

Courtesy: Jackie Uhd


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